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Rules, etc. for the challenge [Sep. 21st, 2006|01:55 pm]
Wedding Announcer Losers


Rules, etc. for the challenge  
Obviously, as we all get ready for our weddings, our main goal is to get healthy and lose weight!

We are going to do a new weight loss challenge and the rules are:

1.) Everyone do a beginning post- say your weight/ goal weight, or, if you're going to do body fat percentages, say your current body fat percent and goal body fat percent.

2.)We will do challenges in two week increments, with challenge posts starting on Mondays. Every other Monday, we will check in with our results. When you update on Mondays, Please put in your current weight or body fat percent, and take a picture of you in an outfit. We will then try to update these every two weeks.

3.) Also on Monday posts, come up with a 1.) Diet Goal and 2.) Exercise Goal. You can post your DG and EG at each Monday check-in.

4.) You are more than welcome to update between Mondays if you are worried, or doing something great or anything like that.

5.) When you update this journal, please always state who this is and make sure to change the security to friends only. Thanks. :)

6.) If you have any comments or questions, please ask Amanda or Kim.